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Updated: 57 min 25 sec ago

Europe’s car industry appeals for tariff-free trade deal ahead of Brexit summit

2 hours 4 min ago
Two days before EU leaders meet to sign off on their guidelines for Brexit negotiations, the car industry is demanding the divorce deal guarantee tariff-free trade after the UK leaves the bloc.
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The Brief: French election descends into tyre fires and dolphins

3 hours 40 min ago
Last Sunday, it became clear that the second round of the French election would be fought over Europe. At EURACTIV, we were quick to announce this “clash” between the Europhile and the Eurosceptic. Now it seems we were a bit hasty.
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Syrian refugee in Romania: ISIS banned chemistry and biology

4 hours 3 min ago
In recent years, the Syrian community in Romania grew due to the ongoing civil war. They say like Romania. They have their school there. But still, the refugees wish to eventually return home, they told
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Austria won’t increase contribution to EU budget after Brexit

4 hours 40 min ago
European Union negotiators displayed unity as they met today (27 April) to discuss guidelines for divorce talks with Britain, seeking to forestall differences that could emerge at a later stage of talks.
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MPs accuse UK government of having ‘no clear’ SDG implementation plan

4 hours 52 min ago
The UK government has failed to set out a clear plan to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or encourage businesses to do likewise, according to new research from a cross-party watchdog.
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Dijsselbloem defends legacy during critical plenary

5 hours 39 min ago
Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem came under fire today (27 April) during the European Parliament’s plenary session because of his role in the Greek bailout programme and his comments about Southern European member states.
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Debunking the myth of a ‘no-go zone’ in Malmö

6 hours 11 min ago
Few European cities are as disparaged for their multicultural makeup as much as Malmo. With over 20% of its residents estimated to be Muslim, Malmö is an ideal whipping boy for populists. The reality is something else. EURACTIV's media partner Gazeta Wyborcza reports.
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W20 Summit champions women’s interests ahead of G20

6 hours 31 min ago
At the Women20 Summit in Berlin, female leaders from around the world discussed how to promote economic empowerment of women on the agenda of a still male-dominated G20 leadership. EURACTIV Germany reports.
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Future of the French deficit hangs on election result

7 hours 13 min ago
Emmanuel Macron has promised to respect the EU’s budget rules, while Marine Le Pen has hardly mentioned the issue in her campaign. But Brussels is preparing for tough talks on the French deficit once the new president is elected. EURACTIV France reports.
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Merkel says EU summit should discuss Turkey

7 hours 15 min ago
EU-Turkey relations have been severely hit by actions taken by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's government, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said today (27 April).
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Palm oil production, development and the environment

7 hours 19 min ago
Europe’s well-meaning attempts to improve the sustainability of palm oil production may be having the opposite effect, writes Hiroko Shimizu.
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Beijing picks Berlin to announce first ‘Made in China’ aircraft carrier

7 hours 44 min ago
China launched its first domestically built aircraft carrier yesterday (26 April), amid rising tensions over North Korea, regional concerns about Beijing's assertiveness in the South China Sea and the country's broader military modernisation program.
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Member states need to agree on a strong Circular Economy Package

8 hours 3 min ago
Following the European Parliament’s adoption of the proposed amendments on 14 March, the negotiations on the EU Circular Economy Package have now entered their final phase. NABU urges Europe to set strong targets, not watered-down goals.
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The Savamala case: A year without progress

8 hours 53 min ago
The failure of the Serbian judiciary to make tangible progress in resolving the bulldozing of buildings in Belgrade's Savamala district brought angry citizens out on the street again on 25 April, a year after the event occurred. reports.
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Poland to receive its first LNG supplies from US in June

9 hours 13 min ago
Poland will receive its first liquefied natural gas supplies (LNG) from the United States in mid-June as a result of a deal Polish gas firm PGNiG signed with Cheniere Energy, state-run PGNiG said today (27 April).
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Assisting neighbours becomes obligatory during gas crises

9 hours 30 min ago
Council and Parliament negotiators reached an agreement Wednesday night (26 April) on the new security of gas supply regulation that aims at preventing gas supply crises.
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Help nature – change agriculture [Sponsored]

10 hours 24 min ago
Europe's food and farming system is broken. It's not protecting farmers, nature or people. We can change it now:
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Bulgaria marks 90th anniversary of Pan-European movement

10 hours 25 min ago
A PanEuropa Bulgaria conference was held in Sofia on 25 April to mark the 90th anniversary of the Pan-European movement in the country, and to discuss the future of the EU.
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Russia opens the door to cryptocurrencies

12 hours 8 min ago
The benefits of blockchain are attractive to Russia’s financial system, writes Antonia Colibasanu.
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High time for Commission to impose transparency in garment supply chain

12 hours 16 min ago
The time has come for the European Commission to develop a smart mix of rules for the garment industry to avoid tragedies like the collapse of the Rana Plaza, writes Hélène Mambourg.
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