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03 May 2017


EUBIA, the European Biomass Industry Association, is looking for a new, young, motivated person able to cover the role of Project Manager for its research and development activities. EUBIA dedicates strong efforts to the development of research and commercial projects focused on innovative technologies and strategies for biomass and biowaste valorisation in Europe and worldwide.

The new EUBIA project manager should be a motivated person, with a technical background, able to communicate with industrial and scientific experts, in order to support EUBIA members, to follow EUBIA ongoing projects and to develop new potential initiatives.

Required Skills

The new person should demonstrate to have the following skills:

  1. Have a scientific background relevant for the topic. Minimum a bachelor degree on one of the following studies:
  • Energetic engineering
  • Biology/chemistry
  • Agricultural engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  1. Speak a fluent English (Minimum B2 or equivalent)
  2. Have at least 2 years’ working experience in EU research and development projects and funding programmes (IEE; FP7; H2020)

Desired Skills

The new EUBIA project manager will have to represent the association in meetings with members or with project partners and, eventually, to present EUBIA activities and speak in international events. To this end, the following skills are strongly desired:

  1. Attitude to public speaking and power point presentation development
  2. Pro-active behaviour towards new strategies and projects to be developed by EUBIA in the context of the EU biomass sector
  3. Interest in scientific research on new technologies and strategies to support market development
  4. Availability to travel in Europe for business meetings, conferences, and projects
  5. Ability to discuss and exchange knowledge on EU biomass context with industrial and scientific sector representatives

Job responsibilities

  1. EU projects monitoring, assessment management and partners’ communication
  2. Writing of EU project reports, usually on biobased market potentials, technology business development and strategies set up.
  3. Provide life cycle costs analysis and technologies techno-economic assessment
  4. Present EUBIA activities to scientific and industrial stakeholders’ business meetings or in international events
  5. Develop and cooperate with EUBIA partners and members on new EU project proposals

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